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Climate Control Engineering is the sole authorized distributor of Goodman.Air Conditioning and cooling systems licensed to the entire region of Africa. We install, maintain and service central air conditioners and other cooling systems.We provide training to technicians on various cooling systems and technologies. Our approach is to build a service and maintenance model that can support the cooling systems and technology we introduce to the market. Our headquarters is currently in metropolitan Saint Louis, MO USA with offices in Lagos, Nigeria.


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Goodman is one of the largest manufacturers of residential and light commercial air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality products and systems by focusing on just one thing – building the most reliable and refreshing affordable indoor comfort products in the market. They produce the leading HVAC brands in North America and cater to large segment of the market that desires reliable and value – based indoor climate comfort systems.


  • The typical central air conditioning system is a split system with an outdoor air conditionining, or “compressor bearing unit” and an indoor coil, which is usually installed on top of the furnace in the home. Using electricity as its power source, the compressor pumps refrigerant through the system to gather heat and moisture from indoors and remove it from the home.
  • Heat and moisture are removed from the home when warm air from inside the home is blown over the cooled indoor coill. The heat in the air transfers to the coil, thereby “cooling” the air.
  • The hear that has transferred to the coil is then “pumped” to the exterior of the home, while the cooled air is pumped back inside, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Central air conditioning can also provide thorugh a package unit.




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